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  • Ashima Shiraishi has been setting new standards for female and junior climbing for many years now. Based on her combined tick list of routes and boulders, she has been the #1 female for almost two years and now she has become the all-time #1 for females. In total she has done seven 8B's, two 8B+', four 8c+ and two 9a's. Below you can find a resumé of her amazing progress, which has created a new chapter in the history of climbing. The picture is from when she was 9 years old, doing 8A's. Age 6: Started climbing Age 7: FA Ashi-Mandala 7A+, after three weeks Age 8: Three 7C+ in Hueco Tanks Age 9: Chablanke 8A Age 10: Crown of Aragorn 8B Age 11: Black Demon 8A flash Age 12: Lucifer 8c+ Age 13: Golden Shadow 8B+, Open Your Mind direct 9a What makes Ashima's tick list even more impressive is that she lives in New York City. This means that she can visit big crags only during school breaks . Most other top rock climbers have probably at least three times as many days on rock as Ashima has. Her first 8c+ was done at the Red River Gorge on her seventh day on. Adam Ondra, who was present, was very impressed: - Witnessing Ashima sending this rig was one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. Nice flow and incredible body power. I hope she will not lose the passion, but it seems she is psyched for climbing! It won't be surprising if, before long, Ashima's achievements start attracting mainstream media, showing the uniqueness of both her and rock climbing in the world of sports.

  • Dave Graham has climbed "Insanity of Grandeur" 8C in Chironico, Switzerland. He eventually got good conditions after the weather changed and dried the rocks from weeks of rain.

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  •   Acalmados os meus ânimos e de volta aos treinos, resolvi escrever um pouco sobre como foi para mim o Primeiro Festival de Boulder do BBloc. Para quem não conhece, o BBloc, ou melhor,...

  • Nos dias 20 e 21 de setembro, acontecerá na cidade de Itatim, na Bahia, o 1º Festival de Escalada de Itatim. O evento apresentará novos setores e pretende reunir a galera de toda a região,...