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  • CHANGE - ADAM ONDRA - 2x 8/c+ ON-SIGHT from BERNARTWOOD on Vimeo.

  • Albi Schneider is the innovator of the CU belay glaces, and he has personally hand made and distributed some 15 000 pairs around the globe. The idea has now been copied by several companies and somtimes sold illegally in Europe where he has his patent. Looking up for 30 minutes during an onsight partner kills every neck and in the end, safety is improved with the belay glaces. Albi actually says that several climbers have told him that they it was the CU glaces that made them start climbing and belaying again. Old 8a review from 2010. "I like the innovative process and I am not interested to run around chasing shops that illegally sell the copies. Walking around in crags and especially in Kalymnos seeing that many use belay glaces is nice. We have been thinking of develop the concept further but actually it is more fun to develop something completely new. However, we now sell them also in black, pink, purple and green. " 8a has heard about Albi's new innovation that will have a great impact on safety. As a matter of a fact, the new innovation is almost to good to be true, so let us hope it works also in practice and that it can be produced at an affordable price.

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  •   Acalmados os meus ânimos e de volta aos treinos, resolvi escrever um pouco sobre como foi para mim o Primeiro Festival de Boulder do BBloc. Para quem não conhece, o BBloc, ou melhor,...

  • Nos dias 20 e 21 de setembro, acontecerá na cidade de Itatim, na Bahia, o 1º Festival de Escalada de Itatim. O evento apresentará novos setores e pretende reunir a galera de toda a região,...