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  • Klätterdomen a Swedish gym, have tested the new Oxygym from La Sportiva and comes back with just positive feedback. "It is very convenient that you can just wash them in the machine in order to always have fresh rental shoes. They are also extra durable as the sole is like doubble the normal thickness. At first we did not really understand if we could wash them in the machine as there is a symbol for hand wash." The official presentation by La Sportiva goes like this. "The first climbing shoe made from a totally breathable and washable fabric designed especially for use indoor and the ideal choice for newcomers to the sport." 8a thinks that Oxygym is also good for more advanced climbers needing support on very small holds on a vertical route. As it is so comfortable it is also the perfect shoes once you are in the endurance program climbing several hundred meters per session.

  • The final day of the Youth World Championship was, in spite of rains, another great success with excellent route setting and thrilling finals. Aya Onoe from Japan won over Jessica Pilz based on time as they had topped the first three routes and reached the same hold in the final. The other two categories were won by Austrians which actually was big sensations as Bernhard Röck was #8 in the qualification ocn #5 in the semifinal and Hannah Schubert #12 in the qually and #8 in the semifinal. 95: 1. Aya Onoe 2. Jessica Pilz 3. Julia Chanourdie 95: 1. Bernhard Röck 2. Loic Timmermans 3. Martin Bergant 97: 1. Hannah Schubert 2. Alina Ring 3. Kajsa Rosén Complete results Here the final day video. Overall, Europe dominated with Austria as #1 with two golds, two silver and one bronze. USA, Slovenia and Sweden were runner-ups with two medals out of which one gold. The best nation in the semifinal Japan, with ten finalists, did get one gold.

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  •   Acalmados os meus ânimos e de volta aos treinos, resolvi escrever um pouco sobre como foi para mim o Primeiro Festival de Boulder do BBloc. Para quem não conhece, o BBloc, ou melhor,...

  • Nos dias 20 e 21 de setembro, acontecerá na cidade de Itatim, na Bahia, o 1º Festival de Escalada de Itatim. O evento apresentará novos setores e pretende reunir a galera de toda a região,...