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  • The winter season is here and it is about to find some good training methods that can motivate you to get stronger. The most efficient training might be to doing pull ups, hanging under a table, like 30+ minutes a week based on a combination of how of Alex Megos and triple boulder world champion, Dima Sharafutdinov, train? Pull-ups under a table 50 - 400 repeats Hang under a table and make 5 - 8 very slow pull ups, supported by your legs. Never push max especially during warm-up. The advanced can use just the finger tips or open crimp, even just using one arm. You could also combine the pull ups with a lock off. Experiment with standing just one one foot or even just the toes in different angles to also get a good full body training. Guys with long arms could place a "bible" on top of the table or hang with the arms far apart. Each set should take 30 to maximum 60 seconds, for the advanced. So with 10 repeats, we are talking about 5 - 10 minutes of training that can be spread out during several hours. After just 10 sessions, which means 50 - 100 minutes of training under your table, you will feel a big improvement. Remember that Alex Megos, trains almost 50 % with non climbing exercises, with a great focus on body strength and that Dima Sharafutdinov, prepared by doing 10 - 20 000 hanging pull ups a month before he became boulder world champion for the first time, out of three, in 2007.

  • "CHANGE!" It is like you suddenly understand how to translate Adam Ondra's screaming. Change how hard you try and always change your climbing life. Petr Pavlícek took Adam Ondra to Flatanger and around Norway which in the end changed everything, possibly also for the whole climbing world. Change is an unique climbing video focusing on Ondra's obsession projecting the world's first 9b+, Change. After having done the first Ondra documentary video, The Wizard's Apprentice, Petr said he could not do one more as he just got to obsessed but this time it was even worse. - All my life was about the movie the last two years. I felt like in prison, like while doing the first movie, so even if I was not editing, I was still somehow thinking about it, because I knew that the theme is good and I have huge responsibility to make it good. Down load it for Euro 16 and you will always have the greatest access to get super motivated for doing your next journey that just might will change it all.

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  •   Acalmados os meus ânimos e de volta aos treinos, resolvi escrever um pouco sobre como foi para mim o Primeiro Festival de Boulder do BBloc. Para quem não conhece, o BBloc, ou melhor,...

  • Nos dias 20 e 21 de setembro, acontecerá na cidade de Itatim, na Bahia, o 1º Festival de Escalada de Itatim. O evento apresentará novos setores e pretende reunir a galera de toda a região,...